Justin Rasmussen

Coffee House Ideas LLC

Justin Rasmussen helps companies connect and interact with their clients. Justin is a Partner at Coffee House Ideas, a digital marketing agency and production studio, where they help companies blend technology, design, and humanized strategy. Justin writes and speaks on business, technology, humanity and how they interact together in today’s marketplace.

About Us: Coffee House Ideas, LLC seeks to help companies connect with their customers through technology and creativity. Many companies who attempt technological strategies appear cold, distant, and out-of-touch with their customers because they undertake the task with the same mindset as traditional communications. We believe that there is no longer a barrier between the customer and the company, no longer a barrier between product, marketing, customer service, public relations, and sales. Communications must interact with the customer and must become products themselves. Even if your company sells a singular product, the auxiliary material and strategy must become products themselves creating a stronger bond between the customer and the company. Essentially, we help humanize creativity, technology, and you to your customers.

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Date RecordedOctober 22, 2013  CostFREE  Course Length1.5 hours  Subject AreaCommunications & Marketing  Course LevelBasic  Instructional MethodGroup Internet Based  PrerequisitesNone  Advanced PreparationNone     Who should attend?CPA - small firm, CPA - medium firm, Other