Karlyn Borysenko

Zen Workplace
Organizational Psychologist
(603) 262-3654

Dr. Karlyn Borysenko is the force behind Zen Workplace. An organizational psychologist and executive/performance coach, she is a leader in integrating mindfulness strategies at work to increase productivity and creativity, reduce stress, and create better work experiences. Her practice is based in the greater Boston area and serves clients all over the world. She holds an MBA and a PhD in Psychology, is an experienced trainer and facilitator, coach, award-winning speaker, and the author of Zen Your Work: Create your ideal work experience through mindful self-mastery.

About Us:

I started Zen Workplace in 2012 because I’m passionate about making work better. After earning an MBA and a PhD in Psychology (specializing in industrial/organizational psych), I set my sights on helping individuals and organizations to create more productive and fulfilling work experiences by combining organizational and positive psychology with mindfulness strategies.

Today I work with clients all over the world. When they follow my advice, they are able to measure increases in their employee engagement, team resilience, and in their productivity (up to 30%!) just by changing the way they work together.

If that’s what you’re looking for, get in touch. I live in the greater Boston area but travel all over. I’d love to come share my methods at your organization or with your event attendees. You can also find me writing about making work better as a contributor to Forbes or as the author of Zen Your Work: Create Your Ideal Work Experience Through Mindful Self-Mastery.