Kate Egan

Manager, Account Management & Partner Success Teams
(510) 333-3497

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Kate leads the team responsible for ensuring Dext's customers achieve the goals they set out to accomplish and more. As the manager of Customer Success and Account Management for Dext U.S.A., Kate's primary goal is to ensure that our customers are empowered to reduce the tedious tasks and focus on what matters to them most by leveraging automation and crafting the processes that help them grow. Having worked with hundreds of accounting and bookkeeping firms over the past four years to implement Dext, Kate now regularly hosts webinars focused on best practices for change management and optimizing technology to fit a customer's needs.

About Us:

Dext is an automated, multiproduct accounting solution. With three products, we’re here to help reduce your workload, optimize your workflow, and free up your time.

Here’s a bit about our products and how they can help you:

Dext Prepare – allows you to collect client paperwork, accurately extract data and automate processing into any general ledger, streamlining your workflows so team members can work more closely with clients. It's the 4.7 star rated tool used by over 1 million people.

Dext Commerce – saves you time by automating your client’s sales data retrieval from online eCommerce marketplaces and digital payment methods. Get an overview of their sales performance and ensure sales tax compliance, no matter where they sell in the world.

Dext Precision – intelligent data cleanup, bookkeeping, and compliance tools designed for Xero and QuickBooks Online professionals. Identify mis-codings, track key liabilities, and spot unwanted changes to historical data.