Katey Maddux

Millennial Accounting
Founder and CEO
(248) 318-5892

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Meet Katey. She’s a paddle boarder, music lover, Zumba instructor, and travel enthusiast who’s been to 45 countries. She graduated from Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and began a career in the fashion industry. But after coming down with Dengue fever during a 2016 trip to Vietnam, she decided to focus her efforts on the accounting profession. And so Millennial Accounting was born. Katey loves training, encouraging, creating processes, and introducing her clientele to new apps and technology. Millennial Accounting primarily serves two niches (real estate/property management and e-commerce) and is on a mission to serve, inspire, educate, and problem-solve. Katey currently resides in Miami, Florida. We are so grateful to have this traveling, dancing, fashion-loving accounting professional in our CPA Academy family!

About Us: It is the mission of Millennial Accounting to serve, inspire, educate and problem-solve. We work with small businesses to help you organize your finances and produce accurate accounting statements. We invest in the education of our clients, teaching you bookkeeping techniques and how to be good stewards of your resources.  We collaborate with you to tackle the most complex accounting challenges and coach you through the clean-up. Lastly, we promote innovation to help move your company into the future with the most up to date accounting technology.