KayDel Marshall

Senior Stakeholder Liaison

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KayDel Marshall is Senior Stakeholder Liaison responsible for small business tax education for all industry in Oregon. She also serves as the 7-state Lead for Payroll Practitioners, Minority and Women Owned Businesses, Multi-Lingual Initiatives, Questionable Employment Tax Practices, and Tip Education. She is Stakeholder Liaison's Disaster Coordinator for Oregon. Marshall joined the IRS in 1985 in Criminal Investigation in Portland, Oregon. She worked as a Tax Auditor from 1987 to 1994. She was a Taxpayer Service Specialist in Customer Service from 1994 thru 2000, answering the highly technical tax questions on the 1-800 line and on the internet and teaching new recruits the tax law. She has provided tax education to small business since 2001. A native of Portland, Marshall holds a Master of Science Degree in Management from Marylhurst University.

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