Marcey Rader CSP

Founder of RaderCo - Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Author, Host of the Health-Powered Productivity Podcast

Marcey Rader believes that health powers productivity. She's a multi-certified health, productivity, and digital wellness expert, award-winning global speaker, creator of the Powered-Path Playbook™, and 3-time author. As the founder of the comprehensive productivity company, RaderCo, she and her expert team help leaders banish burnout and keep great employees.

Sought after by Fortune 100 companies, startups, and everyone in-between, Marcey’s spoken for more than 100,000 people across five continents – from North Dakota to Dubai. Recognized as one of only 850 Certified Speaking Professionals® worldwide, she's a top 1% speaker that trains her audiences to improve focus, maximize energy, conquer calendars, master tasks, and extinguish email.

Her signature career-accelerating tool - the Powered Path Playbook™ - is available for CPA Academy participants at a special discount.

To change your career, team, or organization one habit at a time, connect with Marcey at or

About Us:

Where health powers productivity and tech-life balance, RaderCo helps leaders and their teams banish burnout, keep good people, and move forward through coaching, consulting, training, and speaking centered on practical, tailored tools, healthy, sustainable habits, and accountability. If your teams are drowning in email, tasks, or stress, our top-tier experts can equip employees, teams, and leaders to be their best, so you can all work well together. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, RaderCo partners with biotech, pharma, accounting, and innovative organizations worldwide.