Michael Giardina

EVP of OfficeTools Product

(661) 794-2220

Michael Giardina is the Designer and Architect of the OfficeTools WorkSpace™ and WorkSpace™ Online software. Michael has owned a tax practice, worked for multiple firms and provided consulting to over 500 firms. Michael routinely speaks at Accounting & Tax Conferences and webinars on the benefits of technology and effective firm management. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from Metropolitan State College, Denver, Colorado.

About Us: OfficeTools accounting practice management solutions give you everything you need to run your firm. Organize client data, track due dates, manage staff and workflow, automate billing, and take advantage of backoffice integrations to automate your practice, align your team, and delight your clients. Our extended product portfolio includes payment processing, cloud hosting, and document automation solutions designed to make work easier for your firm.