Michael Kelley

Park View OZ REIT
Founder and Principal
(617) 817-8080

Michael Kelley is the founder and CEO of Park View OZ REIT and Park View Investments, a family office. Mr. Kelley has 30 years of experience in business and financial markets. He was early to recognize the potential of Opportunity Zones to change the course of capital flows. Through his writings and presentations, Mr. Kelley has become a leading voice on Opportunity Zones and how investors can benefit from them. He is active in the entrepreneurial community, having served as a mentor, board member, and pitch competition judge. Previously he worked with clients in the real estate, technology, alternative energy, and healthcare industries at several investment banks. Mr. Kelley has a B.A. in Economics from the University of Massachusetts.

About Us: Park View OZ REIT is a qualified opportunity zone fund (QOF) sponsored by Park View Investments.  The idea behind the fund is to create the most versatile and investor-friendly QOF on the market. Our investors can control their own investment period, which is key to maximizing QOF tax incentives for each investor’s financial needs. We offer lower fees, easier tax filings, and greater liquidity than typical QOF partnerships.