Natasha Brown

Yooz Inc.
Senior Customer Implementation Specialist

(832) 384-9669

Natasha Brown is a Senior Customer Implementation Specialist at Yooz.  She brings a diverse skill set encompassing security, project management, quality assurance, staff development, and coaching. Her skills span WinTeam software, scheduling, contract negotiation, business planning, and more. Known for her personable leadership, she excels in interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Natasha plays a key role in Yooz's success in project implementation and management.

About Us: Yooz is part of ITESOFT-Yooz Group and provides a cloud based Accounts Payable Automation service. With thousands of customers worldwide and 30 years of experience, ITESOFT-Yooz Group is recognized as a world-class Document Capture solution vendor. ITESOFT SA has been listed on NYSE Euronext since 2001 (ITE) and is financially secure. Yooz vision is to deliver the ultimate weapon to every organization, especially SMEs, for winning the paper wars very quickly. With Yooz, document based processes are paper-free and automatic. Yooz has reinvented AP automation and will be reinventing HR automation, T&E automation, Digital Mailroom and more.