Ric Payne


Ric Payne is the co-founder and CEO of Principa, a company dedicated to helping Accountants and Business Advisors enhance the performance of their own business and those of clients through the use of a robust suite of tools, methodologies and support processes. Principa has offices in Australia, the USA and the UK. Prior to the formation of Principa in 2001, Ric co-founded Results Accountants’ Systems which conceived and conducted the Accountants’ Boot Camp around the world. Over 4,150 accounting firms and 9,300 people have participated in that program. It is acknowledged as being one of the most innovative initiatives ever offered to the accounting profession and has spawned a plethora of organizations that seek to help accountants better service their clients. Ric is a qualified accountant and has been a partner in public practice prior to which he was a tenured member of the Faculty of the Business School at Southern Cross University, Australia. He blends his practical experience with his research and teaching background to articulate complex concepts in a coherent and entertaining manner. He divides his time between his homes in Byron Bay, Australia and Lake Tahoe, California.