Wilton White

Diversified Robotic
Founder & CEO
(713) 748-9025

Wilton White started Diversified Robotic to disrupt the technology imbalance that exists between large corporations and small businesses. His desire was to build an organization that would allow smaller companies to have access to engineers and technologies that would traditionally be out of reach.

The result of Wilton’s desire is a team of technology experts focused on, and driven by, one simple goal: to serve as the Technology Equalizers for small and medium-sized businesses. This single-minded passion has given Wilton and his team the opportunity to help businesses of all sizes and from a variety of industries, to grow and compete on a level playing field in today’s competitive business environment.

Wilton is a former US Army Communication Specialist and has previously worked for Lucent Technologies and AT&T in fields including cloud computing, software defined networks, machine learning, and robotic process automation.


About Us: Diversified Robotic helps your business grow by creating custom digital employees to automate business and back-office processes resulting in a savings of time and money, a reduction in errors and leverage of your existing assets.