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The Value Pricing Podcast

Mark Wickersham - chartered accountant, public speaker and value pricing expert – has spent the last 20 years teaching accountants and bookkeepers about the wonders of value pricing. In this podcast he tackles some of the industry’s most common frustrations such as dealing with price sensitive clients, having the pricing conversation, and being confident when it comes to charging the higher prices that you deserve. Mark is obsessed with value pricing! It is far superior to the fixed pricing or hourly billing methods that most accounting professionals typically use and everyone should be using it. It’s how he built his 7-figure business, and it’s how you are going to do the same. These episodes are recordings of live monthly training sessions in which Mark teaches accountants and bookkeepers like you how to price your services, how to win more clients and how to run a more profitable business.

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Mark Wickersham FCA

Mark has been helping accountants to build more successful, more profitable and more enjoyable accounting firms since the year 2000. As well as being a professional speaker and Amazon number 1 best-selling author, Mark is the creator of Cloud Pricing, a cloud-based tool enabling accountants and bookkeepers to implement value pricing and systemize the process of creating a price in a client meeting. You can find out more here,