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Scott Zarret, CPA - Message from the President

Hi, I'm Scott Zarret. I'm a CPA and the proud president of


We just hit our 10-year milestone, which is crazy! I tend to view milestones as ideal times to share in self-reflection and gratitude.


I ran my first-ever webinar for in 2012. At that time, I was the only employee, and I ran that webinar in my converted garage, here in Denver.


My dream from the beginning was to create an online education company for accountants that offered all kinds of high-quality free education. And I've never let go of that dream. Fast forward 10 years, and here we are . . . the largest provider of free education in the profession, by a long shot!


There are a few specific numbers that I wanted to also share with you. It was hard to decide which numbers to start with.


I'll start here:

  • We've offered over 17,000 webinars! Last year, we had days where we were running over 30 per day!
  • As a company, we've worked with over 1,500 amazing presenters!
  • We have over 400,000 members from 57 countries. Thanks to all of you!
  • And we've offered over 6.1M CPE credits.


Want to know how I did it? I had a good idea, yes. But I've also surrounded myself with incredible people. And the people that have allowed me to turn my dream into reality are all of you AND the 14 amazing individuals who work full time for These individuals share the mission of pushing the envelope of free continuing education. In a world that needs so much healing, we believe that education is the only path forward.


Whether you're new to our platform, have been with us for 10 years, present with us, or work for CPAa, thank you. I'm grateful to share my vision and a dream with all of you. I take none of it for granted.


I have two ideas for you.

  • If you're enjoying the work we do and have benefited from our platform, please tell your friends and colleagues about us—whether they're interested in attending a course or even presenting a course.
  • Please share any testimonials with us that you'd like to share. We'd love to know how we've impacted your view of education.


Thanks, again, and I look forward to celebrating our 20th year with you in 2032. Whoa, that seems really far away!


With sincere gratitude and appreciation,

Scott Zarret, CPA



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Published Date 06/01/2022

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