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Ebook: Top 40 Tax Planning Opportunities For 2024

Do you often wonder whether your practice is as cutting edge as it should be? Are your clients constantly asking you for creative planning ideas? If so, then be sure to get your own copy of this important new book by Bob Keebler that planning professionals across the country are talking about.


Edwin Morrow says:

" This technical e-book by a master of tax law planning is a checklist of the most practical of today’s great concepts for attracting and retaining clients. Being knowledgeable and able to advise on these is essential to setting yourself apart from other investment advisors, accountants or attorneys. A quick look at the Table of Contents will give any member of the estate or financial planning team a great list of actionable strategies for helping clients keep more of what they’ve worked so hard to build. These are exactly the things we should be talking to our clients about from now until December 31st!”

“This is not just a manual designed to assist with wealthy clients and prospects – most of the strategies are available for the mass-affluent as well.

Properly applied, these quantitative strategies will provide tremendous value and demonstrate expertise."


Overview of the Chapters

Chapter 1: Bracket Management Strategies

  • #1: Bracket Management
  • #2: Capital Gain Harvesting
  • #3: Harvesting Capital Losses
  • #4: Trusts as S Corporation Shareholders: ESBT vs. QSST


Chapter 2: Income Smoothing Strategies

  • #5: Substantial Sale Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)
  • #6: Retirement Charitable Remainder Trust
  • #7: Roth IRA Conversions
  • #8: Oil and Gas Investments
  • #9: Two-Year Installment Sale Strategy
  • #10: Nonqualified Tax Deferred Annuities
  • #11: Borrowing from Permanent Life Insurance Policies


Chapter 3: Income Shifting Strategies

  • #12: Income Shifting Charitable Remainder Trust
  • #13: Family Limited Partnership (FLP)


Chapter 4: Reducing Taxable Income Strategies

  • #14: Tax-Aware Investing
  • #15 Incomplete Gift, Non-Grantor (ING) Trusts
  • #16: Captive Insurance Companies


Chapter 5: Specific Net Investment Income Tax Strategies

  • #17: Inter Vivos Charitable Lead Annuity Trust (CLAT)
  • #18: Grouping Business Activities to Create Material Participation and Avoid the NIIT
  • #19: Choice of Filing Status to Avoid the 3.8% NIIT


Chapter 6: Wealth Transfer Strategies

  • #20: Intra-Family Loans
  • #21: Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT)
  • #22: Dynasty Trust
  • #23: IDGT Sale
  • #24: Domestic Asset Protection Trust (DAPT)
  • #25: Spousal Limited Access Trusts


Chapter 7: IRC Section 199A Planning

  • #26: IRC § 199A Overview
  • #27: Managing IRC § 199A Limitation Amounts
  • #28: Choice of Entity Decision After the TCJA--Converting a Pass-Through Entity to a C-Corporation
  • #29: Using Multiple Trusts to Enhance the Benefits of IRC § 199A
  • #30: Aggregating Trades or Businesses to Increase the § 199A Deduction


Chapter 8: Ten More Must Know Strategies

  • #31: Trust Decanting
  • #32: S-Election to Save Employment Taxes
  • #34: Trusts Named as IRA Beneficiaries
  • #35: Sale to an Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust (IDGT) with a Self-Cancelling Installment Note (SCIN) Hedge
  • #36: Qualified Small Business Stock
  • #37: Opportunity Zones
  • #38: Puerto Rico Tax Incentives
  • #39: Timing the NQSO Exercise Decision
  • #40: Cost Segregation


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