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Advance Your Excel Skills And Earn 20 CPE Hours

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Obtain 20 CPE hours with this special discounted bundle. It includes enrollment into the full versions of Undergraduate Volumes 1 and 2. CPE is earned incrementally upon the completion of each volume (9 hrs for V1 and 11 hrs for V2). The certificate of completion date is the date you complete the final exam for each volume. The enrollment period is one year.


Topic List: Undergrad 1

Opening Information

  • Overview
  • Book Conventions
  • Excel Conventions
  • How to Make the Most


  • Foundations Overview
  • Selected Shortcuts
  • Named References
  • Tables
  • Data Validation
  • Conditional Formatting Basics
  • Better Summing
  • Skinny Row
  • Hide Worksheets
  • Highlight Input Cells
  • Workbook Organization
  • Worksheet Organization
  • Nested Functions
  • Selection Groups
  • Workbook Design Principles


Topic List: Undergrad 2

Opening Information

  • Overview
  • Selected Shortcuts

Conditional Summing

  • Conditional Summing Basics with SUMIFS
  • Remove Duplicates


  • Lookup Basics
  • Improving VLOOKUP with MATCH
  • Improving VLOOKUP with VALUE and TEXT
  • Moving Beyond VLOOKUP with INDEX
  • Trap Errors with IFERROR
  • The IF Function
  • List Comparisons
  • The ISERROR Function
  • Multicolumn List Comparisons with COUNTIFS
  • Indentation
  • Perform Lookups with SUMIFS

Date and Text Function Basics

  • Determine the Last Day of the Month with EOMONTH
  • Date Parts – MONTH and YEAR
  • Build Your Own Date with DATE
  • Concatenation Basics

Hands-Free Reporting

  • Dynamic Headers
  • Horizontal Reports
  • Mapping Tables
  • Data Validation and Reporting
  • Improving Error Check
  • Concepts Applied


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If you could learn Excel simply and easily at your pace and could learn the features and functions that are relevant and practical to accounting professionals – would you want to? If you are an accounting professional and have taken Excel classes before, you know the pace can be too fast or too slow, and the content may not be relevant to your work. Excel University explores relevant features that allow you to get your work done quicker, in a self-paced, fun, and engaging way. Become more efficient, streamline processes, and save time with Jeff Lenning’s Excel University. Designed by a CPA for CPAs and accounting professionals, this series covers functions you need, and skips those you don’t. The content has been written from scratch integrating everything Jeff knows about Excel training learned over the past decade of providing continuing professional education.