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Digital CPA Podcast

Leveraging technology. Transforming practice.

The Digital CPA Podcast by, hosted by Kalil Merhib and Kacee Johnson is the village square and sounding board for the DCPA community – a community of technology enabled accounting and advisory firm leaders who are at the forefront of business transformation and blazing a trail not only in their own organizations but within the profession itself. In this podcast Kalil and Kacee invite our unique and pioneering community to get out of the weeds of the tactical day to day to explore the impact of their achievements and focus on the big picture of their work.

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(855) 855-5CPA was formed by the American Institute of CPAs. AICPA leadership knew the unprecedented pace of technological change required firms to adapt quickly and overcome the challenges of the partnership model to meet that goal. It charged management with creating a business model, value proposition and infrastructure to help firms identify emerging trends and technologies and provide education, training and resources that would accelerate adoption. serves as a catalyst in the development of virtual CFO/controller services by firms and is now shifting its focus to similar innovations in tax and audit practices, with an emphasis on automation, artificial intelligence and the adoption of blockchain technology.