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A Taxpayer's Roadtrip: Journey Through the Tax Codes of 50 States


Cost $30.00
Presentation Length 2.0 hours

Recorded DateMay 30, 2024
CPE:Not available
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Subject AreaTaxes
Course LevelBasic
Course Description

This comprehensive journey is designed to guide professionals, individuals, and businesses through the intricate maze of tax regulations across the United States. By the end of this course, attendees will have embarked on a comprehensive tour of the U.S. tax system and will be equipped with the knowledge to navigate the complex tax landscape confidently -- or as much as can be learned on a two-hour tour!

This journey will empower participants to make informed decisions, optimize tax strategies, and provide superior advisory services with a nuanced understanding of state-specific tax codes. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Outline a thorough understanding of the tax structures in each of the 50 states, including income tax, sales tax, property tax, and other unique state-level taxes

  • Define the peculiarities of each state's tax code, highlighting exemptions, credits, and deductions that are unique to each jurisdiction

  • Identify the challenges and opportunities presented by conducting business or residing in multiple states, including nexus issues and apportionment of income

  • Recognize strategies for tax efficiency and optimization, whether for personal finances or business operations, based on the comparative analysis of state tax codes

  • Recall recent changes and upcoming trends in state taxation, helping you or your clients remain compliant while taking advantage of beneficial tax laws

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Crystal Stranger holds a Juris Doctor of Law degree, is an Enrolled Agent (EA), EOS Integrator, and Senior Tax Director and CEO of Bringing over 20 years of finance, accounting, and leadership experience she enjoys helping startups stay focused on the big picture objective while maintaining an eye to the details and performing realistic risk assessments.

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